Stranger Things - Unseen Is Not Unreal


The Bible describes our spiritual enemy as a lion, prowling around looking for someone to devour.

The enemy’s intention in this world is to destroy, tear down, and hurt others. If we’re not alert and self-controlled, it’s easy for us to fall prey into the enemy’s trap. It’s easy for us to find ourselves in the darkness, hurt, broken, and dejected.

Pain is a regular part of our world – even as followers of Jesus. Jesus is not an end-all solution to the problem of pain. Before Jesus left this Earth, He told his followers that “you will have trouble.” We’re painfully aware that those words still apply to us today.

One of the biggest questions we ask when trying to understand our faith is, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

The Bible describes this world as a war zone. A battleground with spiritual forces working for and against us. And in a war zone where there is light and darkness, there are casualties. 

Darkness causes hurt. Darkness causes pain. But those who place their hope and trust in Jesus, will not fall prey to the schemes of the darkness. We can stand our ground knowing that even though a spiritual battle rages around us, we have the victory and the strength through Jesus.

Where do you find your hope when you walk through difficult circumstances?