Stranger Things - Unseen Is Not Unreal


There’s more to our faith than simply believing in Jesus.

Have you ever felt like, no matter how good you may act, there’s a bit of darkness in you that you can’t seem to shake? Almost like there’s a force constantly pulling you to act in a way that you know in your heart is wrong?

There is an enemy in this world – one who actively seeks to destroy and uproot Truth in our lives.

The Bible describes this force as Satan, the enemy of God – the ruler of this world, the one who can lead us to sin, and even into a habit of sinning. Jesus describes him as a thief who wants to kill, steal and destroy our lives.

It’s easy to fall into the enemy’s trap, and believe his deceptive lies. Lies like, “God isn’t good to us.” “We will always be alone.” “My past will always define me.” “I’m worthless.”

As Christians, we must have an awareness of the unseen – the spiritual realm that the Bible describes as a battleground.

How can we win a battle if we don’t recognize it’s there?