Stranger Things - Unseen Is Not Unreal


We live in a noisy culture.

With many voices, advertisements, messages, and posts swirling around us daily, it’s hard to determine which one we should listen to.

Through the noise, the lies and condemnation from the enemy can come creeping into our hearts and minds. We believe lies like we aren’t good enough, our best days are behind us, and our past will define who we are.

Through the noise, there is a still-small voice, beckoning us, inviting us to step into freedom.

Jesus is the solution to our spiritual hurt and pain. When we give our lives to Jesus, His death on the cross now means that our sins, our mistakes, our regrets, are cancelled. The record is gone, it’s a clean slate, we’ve been forgiven.

The lies, shame, noise, and guilt that the enemy has brought upon us no longer has the weight it once had. We now have the keys of victory, allowing us to step out of condemnation and into freedom.

Through Jesus’ death on the cross, the enemy was disarmed, and the victory was won eternally, even though we still fight today.

Today, you determine the voice that will be loudest in your life – the voice of condemnation, or the voice of freedom.

What voice will be loudest in your life?