Stranger Things - Unseen Is Not Unreal


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Would you choose a tropical environment, a large city, or an exotic country? Or perhaps you’d simply like to get away from it all by heading someplace away from civilization entirely.

The Christian life is not one that ends in this world. Rather, it begins here, but it’s celebrated for all eternity in a very real place – heaven.

Jesus describes heaven as a very real location. One in which He is “preparing a place for us.”

Just because we long to be in our new heavenly home, does that mean we ignore the current home that we presently live in?

In light of our home no longer being here on Earth, Jesus still calls us to be here. To look different. To love people. And to point people to a greater hope – Jesus.

Have you recognized that this world is not your home?