Set Free And Delivered

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DAY 1: How to Overcome the Enemy

Have you ever felt that once you gave your life to Christ, things got worse? Suddenly your life came under attack, and things went from zero to one hundred fast. Well, if that’s you, you’re in good company. Giving your life to Christ doesn’t eliminate you from the battle—it places you directly on the front line. As believers, we have this in common. As a follower of Christ, you are a threat to the powers of darkness, and hell is on an assignment to keep you from maintaining your deliverance.

But God is your defender and deals with the adversary (Ps. 135:14). The Holy Spirit dwells in you, and greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). The enemy is not a person and cannot be overthrown in the flesh. The Word of God and the authority of God are your greatest weapons. The sword of the Lord is in your mouth, and it has the power to bring the enemy to total ruin. Although the victory is already won, you have a responsibility to allow God to fight battles through you. Confessing Jesus as your Savior and having faith in your confession gives you the power to dismantle the plans of the enemy.