Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

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Many are called but few are chosen  

Thoughts on the message

Many are called…

God opens the door for many people to come. It started with special people. They ignored Him and His message. It is extended to the rest of the world—this is you and me, even when we try and come on our own terms. 

Few are chosen. Few actually make it. 

It is really surprising how few actually come to the King’s banquet. They choose to ignore or abuse the messengers, or they will only come on their own terms. But it is the King’s banquet—we are there at His invitation. So come as He instructs us to come.

Jesus is speaking to the people at that time. “Come, God has opened the door for everyone to come.” Do not ignore, mock, fight against it, or try to come on our own terms. It is His invitation for eternal life. It is still His call to all mankind.


Father, it is such a simple message. It is such a difficult message. It is still the same message. The banquet is ready—come. Thank You that I am properly dressed and ready, but there are many that still need inviting. So give me that kind of heart to keep inviting people. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

Matthew writes to God’s people and walks them on a journey that will take them from where they are to be Disciple Makers. This is 21 of 27 devotional plans walking us through the book of Matthew.  In this portion, Jesus ...

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