Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

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Am I a person under authority?  

Thoughts on the message 

Questions about authority

Jesus cleaned the temple and the religious leaders were not happy. They were the ones in authority and Jesus bypassed them, overrode their rules, and denounced their actions. When they questioned why Jesus did this, He responded in a simple and classic rabbinical way—He asked them a tough question. This question exposed their unwillingness to follow God and His prophet John. This exposed them—they are not people under God’s authority!!

How to be people under God’s authority? 

Keep God’s house a house of prayer for the nations. It is not about you and me. 

Watch out for pride. It creeps in, especially when we have a measure of authority.

Listen. God will speak, but it takes humble ears to hear Him speak.

Fear God—not people. Fearing God will guard your heart. Fearing man will stop you doing what is right.


Father, as a pastor, I know that it is easy to let authority lead me to do things my way. Continue to humble my heart to follow You. It is painful to be humbled, but it is absolutely necessary. Give me clarity to hear You speak and listen not just with my ears but with my heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

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