Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

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Parable of the Vineyard - and the Son  

Thoughts on the message

Jesus uses another parable—this time the people all understood what He was saying. Jesus is telling them that God has watched their responses to His messages sent by the prophets. He will do it one more time with Jesus. However, God will remove them and give His message to others to give.

Do not think that clarity of the gospel message means people will be obedient. We often think that if people just understand the truth, then they will accept it. Not true. Also, God’s people can be equally blind. God asks us to be obedient, but if we are not careful, we can reject it just as easily as other people. We can find ourselves fighting against God and His plan because we think God should do it our way. The costs of rejecting God and His plans are serious—for everyone who rejects it, including God’s people.


Father, I know that this world chooses to reject Jesus. They want a different Jesus. They want someone that is more like them. But it is the same for God’s people. Some want a different Jesus just like the world around us. Help me today to just humble my heart to do what Jesus asks me to do. If it is difficult—strengthen me. If it is painful, give me courage. If it is lonely, walk with me through it all. If I seek to do it my way—correct me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

Matthew writes to God’s people and walks them on a journey that will take them from where they are to be Disciple Makers. This is 21 of 27 devotional plans walking us through the book of Matthew.  In this portion, Jesus ...

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