Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

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Following up on our promises  

Thoughts on the message

Jesus answers the question that He asked the religious leaders—“was the message of John the Baptist from God?” He uses a parable. The story is simple and the answer is obvious. The spiritual meaning of the parable surprised them. When they refused to follow John’s teaching, they rejected the instructions of the Father.

How do we respond to what God asks us to do? Do we say “yes, we will do what God wants”—and then do nothing? Or do we recognize we are rebelling against the Father—and repent and walk in obedience? Jesus will expose our hearts if we allow Him to speak. He will show us what our hearts are doing. 

Take time and ask Him.


Father, show me where I say one thing, but then fail to follow through with obedience. The religious leaders did not see themselves acting this way—and I would be the same. Everyone thinks that we are okay (well, with some small failures). You see it differently. So give me understanding. Give me a picture that I need to follow just like you gave the parable to them. Then I choose to listen. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Holy Week, Day 1—Disciple Makers Series #21

Matthew writes to God’s people and walks them on a journey that will take them from where they are to be Disciple Makers. This is 21 of 27 devotional plans walking us through the book of Matthew.  In this portion, Jesus ...

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