Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


The rest of faith.

God left us an example to follow in that He rested from His labors after the creation of the Earth. He even commanded the children of Israel to take a Sabbath day of rest. We get the full picture in the New Testament that this rest was not about a day or physical practice but rather about our faith. It is about trusting God with our lives and leaning the whole of our being on His promises. The God who created the heavens and the Earth is the same God who raised Jesus from the dead. He is the same God who formed you. He is still working on all of us. He never sleeps. God is moving on your behalf and is creating a future for you. He wants you to reach up to Him and have the greatest year of your life!

Today’s Reach:

In your prayer and study time with God, listen specifically for things God is speaking to you about the year ahead. What goals does He want you to accomplish? What challenges will you face? What joys are you hopeful for? Write these things down and even find scriptures for each one if you can. Confess those scriptures and commit the future to God resting in His ability to make it happen.