Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Fearing God.

One of the ways people often miss when it comes to reaching God is the area of fearing Him. Mostly because people do not understand the fear of the Lord. There are two sides to fearing God. The first side is being afraid of Him because of how great and mighty He is. Who would want to offend God or be cast into Hell? In that respect, we fear Him and do what He says because we know the ‘terror of the Lord’ as the Apostle Paul said in 2 Cor. 5:11. The other side of fearing God is having an awe and respect for God. When you pair these two up in a healthy and mature manner, you get the Biblical sense of fearing God. It puts you in a place of respect and reverence God, but also with a desire to do what He says. With the fear of the Lord comes a promise, you will know the secret of the Lord and He will show you His covenant. In other words, God will open up mysteries from His word for you to know and live in! Wow!

Today’s Reach:

Pray and ask God if there are any areas of your life that you are not ‘fearing’ Him in. Write them down and talk to God about them. Pray and repent and then make a plan with the Holy Spirit to ‘fear God’ in every area.