Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Reaching our Shepherd.

One of the most beloved titles of God throughout the Bible is that of a Shepherd. Jesus is called the Great Shepherd of the sheep in the book of Hebrews. Reading through Psalm 23 gives us a clear picture of God’s way of shepherding our lives. He leads us, protects us, feeds us, anoints us, and so much more. These thoughts bring peace, stability, clarity, and strength to us. Maybe you didn’t know that God was leading you to this time and this place. Recognize today that God desires to bring you into good places in this life.

Today’s Reach:

Read Psalm 23. Take some time to think about it and even pray and thank God for what it says about His leading and shepherding in your life. If there is an area you have been concerned about, give it to Him and look for His leading throughout the day.