Love God Greatly James


Read: James 3:13-18

SOAP: James 3:17-18 

James contrasts earthly wisdom with the wisdom from heaven. God’s wisdom reflects who He is, while earthly wisdom reflects the darkness and sin that lies within people’s hearts. In order to attain God’s wisdom, believers need to ask in faith and humbly receive transformation through God’s Word by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

How often are you seeking God’s wisdom and direction in your circumstances? How are you praying for God to faithfully increase your knowledge of Him so that you can grow in spiritual wisdom? A believer’s reverence, awe, and worship of God are the basis of all knowledge and wisdom.

Father God, grant me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so that I can follow You faithfully. Lord, ignite my desire to know You more. Stir up my passion to learn Your ways and make that passion for You contagious amongst all that I encounter. In Jesus’ name. Amen.