Love God Greatly James


Read: James 4:1-6

SOAP: James 4:4-6

When believers compromise and live for the culture, values, and ideas of the world we commit spiritual adultery. God makes it clear that we cannot serve two masters. When we live for the world, we will worship the things the world values which are in direct opposition to the values of God. We must choose daily to serve, worship, and live for God alone. 

Where are you struggling to compromise with the world? God gives believers the power to resist the temptation to compromise God’s values and instead live wholeheartedly for Him. 

Father God, I thank You for Your protection and escape from the temptation to compromise Your values and distort Your Word. Protect and guard my heart and mind from any thoughts, ideas, or belief systems that contradict Your Word. Lord, remove any areas of pride in my heart that may hinder me from humbly serving You and Your people. In Jesus’ name. Amen.