Love God Greatly James


Read: James 3:1-5

SOAP: James 3:3-5

James shares wisdom about the power of the tongue so that believers will understand God’s perspective on the importance of our speech. Our speech reflects what is in our hearts so any words of anger, doubt, deceit, and immorality must be confronted and corrected quickly. Since our words should reflect God, we need His help to ensure that they are righteous, loving, controlled, and full of grace and mercy. 

Where do you struggle with your speech? What are your speaking habits or patterns of speech that require God’s help to refine and transform? Our speech reflects our knowledge and wisdom. Just like our attitudes and behaviors, our speech must also be submitted to God for transformation. 

Father God, I thank You for the power of Your Word. Help me to use Your Word as a guide for my speech. Give me wisdom, discernment, and self-control when it comes to the words that I speak. Let my words be refreshing, gracious, and always reflect You well. In Jesus’ name. Amen.