Seven Deadly Sins And Your Marriage



In my book “7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage,” the final secret is fight. It  is all about fighting together on the same team for your marriage. This manifests itself in many different ways as each couple is unique. How one couple ends up fighting together for their marriage will vary from what another couple fights for in their marriage. The key is that when we fight together we are on the same team. We are seeking the same things for our marriage. It’s the “two are better than one” concept. 

As I look at the couples that have come to me for marriage counseling over the years, there is a commonality to many of them. They just got lazy. They quit pursuing. They quit putting out effort. They quit doing the things that won each other’s hearts in the first place. Sloth.  

To have an Awesome Marriage, you have to work together every day to build that marriage. It is being intentional today, tomorrow and all the future tomorrows. There is no time off. There is no vacation from marriage. Yet, there is not another relationship God has given us in this life that can be more fulfilling than the marriage relationship.

Sloth seems to be the extreme of laziness. Sloth destroys, laziness damages, and neither will work in a marriage.  

Today’s Challenge: 

How has sloth crept into your marriage? How can you attack it now?

Going Deeper:

1. How do you see that “sloth” is one of the root causes of many of the problems in marriage?

2. What happens over time if one person is doing all the work in a marriage?

3. What are some of the excuses people make in a marriage to keep them from doing what they need to do?

4. What does it mean to you when Dr. Kim says it takes two people giving 110% for a marriage to work?