Seven Deadly Sins And Your Marriage



We have all been angry at some point in our marriage. What we don’t usually realize is that we have a choice in how we handle that anger. At times I have been angry at Nancy. Sometimes I have handled my anger better than others. I do really well when I remember that I have choices in my response. Yelling, screaming, or throwing things are not good ways to handle anger. These only make the situation worse. If we repeat this pattern over and over, our anger can take on a whole new dimension, to the point where we literally cannot control it. 

It seems the longer we go without addressing our anger, the worse it gets. Something happens that angers us and we go from zero to sixty in a split second. The anger escalates to rage and at this point reeling it back in is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Now we have anger on steroids, or wrath. It is a place we never intend to go but unless we get in the habit of handling our anger in a healthy way, we are all vulnerable to wrath. 

How do we do that? Every time you are angry at your spouse, two things need to happen. First, the issue needs to be resolved. Don’t move forward until this is done. If you need help, get it. Second, forgiveness. It does not matter who was more wrong or right. Forgiveness has to happen. It’s something that God tells us to do and like everything else He tells us to do, He equips us to do it. Don’t let your anger get out of control. Take it before God and let Him bring His healing into that area of your life and your marriage.  

Today’s Challenge: 

Is there something you are struggling to forgive that you need to take before God today? Will you take that step?

Going Deeper:

1. The Bible says, “in your anger, do not sin.” How does this apply to your marriage?

2. What is the difference between anger and wrath?

3. What are some of the things you let build up inside that could someday cause an eruption?

4. What makes it difficult for us to forgive?