Seven Deadly Sins And Your Marriage



Greed: wanting something so much that we put everything else at risk. Greed is something I think we can all be vulnerable to. It can manifest itself in a number of ways.  For some it may be wealth and power. For others it may be selfish desires. I think the transition from simply wanting something a lot to greed happens when our focus shifts from God’s desire for us to our own desire. Everything gets thrown out of sync. Our important commitments and the things we know are best get put aside for the want that now has our complete attention. We set the spouse we promised to love and cherish on the sidelines. The God we dedicated our life to is pushed as far back as we can push Him. Now life revolves around what we want, and we don’t let anything or anyone get in our way.  

You know what’s interesting? I don’t know anyone who struggles with greed who intended to do so. I think greed is something that creeps up on many of us. It may start with a little success that we want more of. It may begin with a promotion that gives us a little more power. Whatever the source, our focus shifts and the things we once valued, like our marriage, are tossed aside. I have talked to men and women who got so caught up in the lies of greed that they didn’t realize what they were losing until too late.

We cannot give greed an inch because if we do, it will destroy our life and our marriage. It goes back to keeping God Number One and our spouse Number Two. If we do that consistently day after day, there is no room in our lives for greed.  

Today’s Challenge: 

How are you vulnerable to power and wealth?

Going Deeper:

1. How can greed affect a marriage relationship?

2. What is the “ripple effect” of greed, even if it occurs outside of the family?

3. What does Dr. Kim mean when he says that greed is a heart issue?

4. What keeps us from trusting God with His plan for our lives?