Seven Deadly Sins And Your Marriage

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If you did not grow up in the Catholic Church, you may not have heard the term “seven deadly sins.” As I understand it, these “deadly sins” were behaviors or habits that could lead a person into sin. Today the word “vice” is more familiar to most of us and I think helps us understand this concept and the applications I want us to make. A vice can be a fault or an unhealthy or bad habit. It is usually associated with a default in our character rather than our morality. Unchecked, these character defaults can lead to behaviors that can take a toll on us and those around us. Specifically, we will look at each of these as it relates to marriage. We will peel back the layers to uncover the root that can be “deadly” and ultimately destructive to a marriage. We will have the opportunity to open our hearts to God and to let Him bring restoration and healing.  

Today’s Challenge: 

How can attitudes that lie deep within your heart affect your marriage relationship in a negative way?

Going Deeper:

1. Share a time in your life when you were “blindsided” by a negative attitude or action.

2. At first glance, which of the “seven deadly sins” have you struggled with in your life? Share your answer.








3. How could each of these affect a marriage relationship?

4. What does it mean to you when Dr. Kim says that we are “overcomers”?


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