Justice for All


What's the longest you have had to wait for something? Maybe you were saving up to buy something big or it felt like summer would never come. When you're in the middle of a season of waiting, it can feel like the thing you want is never going to happen. This can be especially true if there's injustice involved. It can be frustrating and painful to wait on justice, and it's easy to lose hope.

The beautiful thing about God's justice is that it is guaranteed. It might not happen when we want it to, or even how we want it to, but it is certain. The Bible reminds us of God's faithfulness, so much so that God is often compared to a solid rock, unmovable and solid. When there is injustice, hold onto hope that even if it's not in our time, God will bring about justice. Sometimes, we are waiting on God to drop a miracle out of the sky rather than putting our words of love and empathy into action. When we all get involved, we learn that we are not waiting alone.

Why do you think God's plan for justice is often different than ours?