Justice for All


Have you ever heard the phrase, "Actions speak louder than words"? The words we choose matter deeply, but all the nice words in the world won't matter if your actions don't line up. Integrity is when your words match your actions, and you are the same kind of person no matter what kind of situation you're in. For people who follow Jesus, this means putting him first no matter what. But that's not what comes naturally to us when we are influenced by our own ideas and mistakes. 

One of the many beautiful things about Jesus is that the more time we study the way he lived, the easier it becomes to live like him. Just like living with people who speak a different language makes it easier to become fluent in that language, time spent with God in prayer, the Bible, service, and in community, helps us to make decisions that would make God proud. That love transforms us, and the integrity that comes from a life with Jesus can withstand injustice. When we see injustice happening, we may think we should pursue justice even if we hurt others in the process, but would that be worth it?

When have you found it challenging to have integrity in the face of injustice?