Justice for All


Have you ever been accused of something you definitely didn't do? Whether it was a major accusation or something small and not at all important, it's frustrating, right? You might feel angry, or powerless, or afraid, or all of the above. When you're innocent, false accusations are always going to feel unjust — because they are. In the Bible, we can find the story of a guy named Joseph, who faced a similar challenge. 

He was accused of something he never did and was even punished for it. But through it all, here's what Joseph did; he held on to his integrity — his character. He trusted God would let truth win in the end, even if it took time. So the next time you're accused of something you didn't do, remember Joseph's example. Instead of focusing on the people who've hurt you, focus on building and maintaining a character that honors God. Because integrity can withstand injustice.

When you hear the word integrity what (or who) do you think of?