Justice for All


You wouldn't go bungee jumping on a rope made of gummy candy, would you? Or how about sitting on a chair made of toothpicks and chewed-up gum? You wouldn't ride in a car if you knew the engine were held together with old rubber bands, right? If you are jumping off a bridge with a reliable bungee rope, you are rest assured and have a sturdy hope in that bungee cable's ability to hold your weight. Same for all the other examples. Your hope is only as strong as the thing you're putting your hope in. 

But, everyday, people choose to put their faith in things that break down or are unreliable. Maybe it's an organization, an achievement, or a person you thought you could rely on. That's why we feel let down when we put our hope in anything of this world. But, when we hope for God to show up for us, we are safe. The people and systems we see in our world today are going to fail us. Even when there is injustice, you can still hope that God will come through.

Where do you place your hope?