Justice for All


Have you ever had your expectations blown out of the water in a good way? Like when you were a kid and didn't think you were going to get that one present you really wanted but didn't think you had a chance at receiving; but then got it anyway? Or you were expecting to barely pass a test but you ended up earning a really good grade instead? God loves to do that kind of stuff. Not necessarily with presents or grades, but even better, with how God loves us and shows up in our lives. 

As you read the Bible, you'll see time and time again God giving people way more than they expected or rescuing them when it all seemed impossible. Jesus is the ultimate example of this: he offers rescue when we deserve death, and grace when we deserve judgment. When things seem completely impossible, we can remember God's promise and love revealed through Jesus. We can hold onto hope in God because of Jesus' love and selflessness.

When is it most difficult to find hope in Jesus? What can you remember to help you see the hope that is promised to you?