Justice for All


Have you ever wanted to get even with someone who hurt you? Well, they hurt you, so it's only fair if they experience some pain in return, right? But there's this saying, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." It's a reminder that, when we're all trying to get revenge, the cycle of pain never ends. But what's the alternative? How do we balance forgiving others with standing up for ourselves? And is it possible that "getting justice" is about more than just punishing people who've hurt us? 

There's a guy named Joseph who you can read about in the Old Testament of the Bible. Like all of us, I'm sure, Joseph once had to deal with some pretty major hurt inflicted by his own family. Check out his story, because it reveals something important, and it's this: justice isn't just about revenge. Justice is love in action.

Can you think of time where you actively worked to make something right?