Justice for All


Would you ever compete in a team sport without a team? You against five basketball players. You against a row of people on a tug-of-war rope. You against eleven football players. Sounds ridiculous, right? But guess what? People try to do this all the time when they go through life, especially the hard times, alone. We were made to have a community around us and the power of God to hold us up. 

If you've ever said to yourself, "I can't do this alone" . . . you are right! We're not meant to rely solely on our own strength, power, or intelligence. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Pursuing justice is just another part of following Jesus that is a team effort, and you want people on your team who put God first and who will encourage you to do the same. People tend to think true justice is always swift with no delays. If something is obviously wrong, should be a sprint to make it right . . . right? Well, not always. Without a community around you, the marathon of pursuing justice is not sustainable. 

How can you rely on your community?