Justice for All


Picture yourself in a completely dark room. Without light, you can't see what's in front of you or where you're going. Our eyes need light to be able to function properly and take in our surroundings. It's amazing how our eyes can use even the smallest candle or flashlight to help us navigate the world around us. In the dark, it's easy for our minds to assume that things aren't as they actually are. A pile of laundry becomes scary, a small bump in the road can make us take a face dive without proper lighting. 

If you think of light as bringing hope, what is that light? What opens up your eyes to the hope around you? How can you begin to see hope clearly when the world around you feels dark? God offers illumination for us when life seems too empty and even terrifying at times. The darkness can make any issue or situation bigger or more urgent than they are at the present time. When there is injustice, you can ask God to open up your eyes to hope so you can hold on.

What makes injustice seem overwhelmingly dark to you?