Justice for All


Have you ever met someone who was way too cheerful? Like, annoyingly optimistic? The kind of person who, no matter what is going on, will tell you to "look on the bright side," or "hope for the best," or "turn that frown upside down"? Ugh. Sure, sometimes we all need an attitude adjustment, but when life gets really hard, a happy little cliche isn't going to fix things. Whether it's a crisis or tragedy in your life, a friend's life, or in the world, there are plenty of reasons for us to feel hopeless sometimes. 

There's a guy named Joseph in the Bible who felt this too. His brothers betrayed him, left him for dead, and sold into slavery — a pretty unjust and hopeless situation. But in that moment, Joseph didn't just "look on the bright side." He put his hope in the God he trusted would never leave him. And like Joseph, when there's injustice we, too, can hold on to hope.

What is one injustice you see going on today that leaves you disappointed? What does it look like to hold on to hope when considering that?