Justice for All


Think of a time when someone has done the right thing but not been praised for it. When a person is mocked or even persecuted for choosing justice, it can be really discouraging. There have been generations of people seeking it, and it's easy to feel like doing the right thing isn't ever going to make significant progress, or that nothing will ever change. But that's not how God works. See, as you read the Bible, you'll notice a theme of God turning things upside down. 

Not literally upside down, but doing things the opposite way humans would. The titles, positions, or empires that we've created are not important to God. Jesus calls us to be in community because he knew while on earth what those human-made kingdoms can do. He introduced a new, upside-down way of living. God shows grace when we deserve judgment, invites the forgotten and chooses the same people others consider worthless to be true leaders. When people don't praise us when we pursue justice, we are reminded that praise isn't the point. 

How important to you is it to be praised when seeking justice?