Justice for All


What's the most refreshing moment you can think of? A cool breeze or icy drink of water on a hot day? A comfortable place to rest when your body is tired? A burst of energy when you're working on a project? A new idea when you're stuck? It can be such a relief! But, of course, that moment of feeling refreshed is a small picture of the restoration God offers. But, while a cool breeze will stop blowing, the restoration God offers is permanent. 

God's plan is to create a new heaven, fully restored and complete in a way we aren't able to experience on earth. The Bible reminds us of all the ways God will bring restoration. When we feel the situations we are in, or the situations we may see in the news are completely hopeless, God reminds us restoration takes time and trusting God's plans. No matter how broken, it is good to know and look forward to the day when the restoration comes full circle. 

Has there been a time where you've experienced the refreshment God gives?