Justice for All


What are some of the things you'd say define a successful life? Many people would point to financial stability, a happy family, a career that is productive, or a huge group of friends. And hey, who wouldn't want all of those things? They are good and useful, but the Bible repeats over and over again about how the internal thoughts and motivations of a person are so much more important than anything external. 

Why? Why would God put a higher value on a person's motivation and thoughts: how they love, what is the highest priority, how they treat others . . . ? Here's why: those external things like money, happiness, career, and even a huge group of friends will all end one day. Yet, people spend their entire lives putting other people in jeopardy in order to focus on what they want as a mark of "success." Nothing of this world lasts forever. But our investment in others will remain for years to come.

How would your life be different if you focused first on investing in others and communities as generational investments?