Justice for All


Did you know that a feather and stone, when dropped in a vacuum (not the kind you clean the floor with, the kind where there's no outside pressure), will fall to the ground at the exact same time? It's true! But it doesn't seem true; it's totally counter-intuitive. It doesn't seem like that's what should happen because a stone feels so much heavier in our hand, but it's a scientific fact.

Sometimes the way God asks us as followers to live feels counter-intuitive, too. The Bible is full of guidance on how to live differently. It's also full of examples of what happens when we ignore God's instructions and choose to live our own way. And it doesn't end too well. God's ways are better because God is holy, not because they always make complete sense to us. When we say God is holy we mean God is perfect, created life, and has a plan to restore our world. We experience healing when we encounter the love of Jesus. We can trust that God’s justice restores what is broken.

What has God asked of you that seems counter-intuitive?