Justice for All


Can you think of anyone you're holding a grudge against right now? Or maybe someone you don't talk to anymore because a disagreement or hurt ruined the relationship? Look, sometimes it is the right call to part ways with someone when your relationship just isn't healthy. But, if we ended relationships every time someone hurt us . . . well, we'd eventually end up all alone. 

There's a guy in the Bible named Joseph who spent a long time separated from his family because of some major conflict. When Joseph finally crossed paths with his brothers after lots of years (and lots of pain), he had a choice: to take revenge or give forgiveness. Joseph knew forgiving his brothers wouldn't erase what they had done to him, but it would begin the healing process for him and his family too. Guess what he chose? Joseph's story is a beautiful example of God’s justice; justice that doesn't just punish but seeks to restore what was broken. 

When do you think it gets difficult to choose between revenge and restoration?