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Praying For Your Elephant - Praying Bold Prayers


The Spiritually Nuclear Eternal Power of Prayer

The Devil has no ability to contain prayer. Prayer is spiritually nuclear in nature; it is the raw material of God and His people. Prayer is out of Satan's influence. He has no power to warp or influence a prayer's trajectory to God's throne after it has been prayed. Once a prayer is unleashed, it bounces around eternity in perpetuity, burning before the throne of God like incense.

This is why prayer is so spiritually dangerous for Satan. It supersedes the limitations of a mortal world. Prayer is immortal. It has no boundaries and no marker lines. Prayer holds ultimate potential. The best the Devil can hope for is that you don't pray. And much of his strategy is to discourage you from praying at all, as a prayer never prayed has zero chance of ever being answered.

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Praying For Your Elephant - Praying Bold Prayers

Dive into the adventure that is the prayer-filled life. Join Pastor Adam Stadtmiller on a journey to learn how to pray for big things – your elephants – while gaining greater intimacy with God. This seven-day plan is an ...

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