Grief Bites: Doubt Revealed

God's Word tells us that when we doubt, God is not obligated in any way to answer our prayers about the situation we are asking for help in.
The Bible describes doubt as being double-minded. In fact, God even says that we should not even expect an answer.

When we realize we are doubting God, and do not take the steps we need to overcome our doubt, it can be a tremendous slap to God's face, His goodness, and His character. We basically are placing Him under us as we faultily believe that we know better than the Holy God who created us.

God keeps all the world in order. He causes the sun to come up every single morning and the moon to come out every single night. He keeps the entire world, and all of creation, and the seasons, going each and every day without our help or our input.

Doubt makes us believe we would be better off in control. Isn't it ridiculously arrogant of us when we think we know better than God?

But why does God allow situations that attempt to make us doubt?

When God creates us, He lays all of our days out before Him. Nothing we go through in life surprises Him.

If He does not see value coming out of a situation, He will not allow it.
There is not a situation that God is not in total control of. God never wastes any situation we go through. EVERY situation has the ability to help us or others.

We do not have the ability to see the entire picture of our lives...and our lives are not just limited to ourselves...or even earth. No, there is a MUCH greater picture! Our lives on earth also include eternity, and our lives also impact future generations.

None of us merely exist for just the "here and now"...and all of our lives will live on through whatever legacy we leave to the generations after us.

Situations we go through in life have a much greater purpose than we could ever wrap our minds fact, some situations we are presently going through may be for a future purpose.

We CAN trust God! We are here on earth not for ourselves, or even our comfort or wholeness. Comfort and wholeness are promised and come later in Heaven.

Even if it seems like life will never get can! When you feel you have lost your way, that truly can be a very good thing! It is a signal to warn you that you are on a wrong path and you're trusting in yourself, or something..or someone..else, instead of God.

Doubt can be the greatest catalyst that can catapult us into a richer trust in God...and a deeper relationship with Him!
Allow your doubt to refine you!

Anytime you have doubts, it does not necessarily mean you lack means you are putting your faith in the wrong people or wrong things.

From now on, use doubt as a signal to talk to God and to get on a right path with Him! Choose today to trust in the Lord with all your heart!

Continue having heart-to-heart transparent conversations with God. Seek Him with everything you've got!