Grief Bites: Doubt Revealed

There is a familiar feeling that many who are going through grief (or loss) may feel...yet many do not have the ability to label it.

It is a feeling that envelopes a grieving heart, but is so subtle that many do not even realize how it is planting itself deeply down into the roots of their soul.


When I went through a tough grief experience, I couldn't figure out why I was able to still have a strong hunger for God, His Will, and His ways...yet I couldn't fully enjoy God or His Word.

I felt distracted every time I prayed or read my Bible.

As I prayed to God, seeking to conquer the distracting and stagnant apathy I felt, He revealed to me that my root problem wasn't distraction...and it wasn't apathy. It wasn't a lack of focus...or the inability to sit still either.

My root problem was doubt.

I didn't doubt God's goodness. I knew in my heart that He IS good. Even though I have been through a lot of loss, He has always given me so much grace to help me to see His goodness every single day.

I didn't doubt God's love...I know He IS love and all love comes from Him.
Anyone at anytime can look around and see amazing evidences of His astounding great love.

God revealed to my heart that I doubted not His ABILITY to work in my life...but His WILLINGNESS to act and work in my circumstances.

I doubted not what God COULD do...but what He WOULD do.

How many of us are in doubt today?
How many of us have thought we're not worthy of God acting on our behalf?
How many of us doubt God's sincerity?

We cannot afford to trust our hearts, our mere thoughts, or our feelings during times of doubt...we must test our thoughts and feelings, and train our hearts to trust God to overcome doubt.

If you have struggled with doubt, this reading plan is for you.

Let's start by asking God to help us to overcome our doubt(s) and help us through any situation of unbelief we may be facing.

Join me the next 7 days as we seek to see the origin of where our doubts lie.