Grief Bites: Doubt Revealed

Doubt is a very unpopular word in the Christian community. Most Christians would be afraid to admit any form of doubt they may have due to feeling guilty for having thoughts of doubt, or due to the judgment of others.

When doubt surfaces, many consider it as a lack of faith...or a lack of believing God and His many struggle silently. Through their silent struggle, they can become stagnant in their walk with God.

It is imperative to know how to handle our doubt(s) so we can experience the rich relationship with God we are fully capable of having.

Truly think about the doubts you have today.

Are you doubting that God can:
heal your broken your you financially...forgive you...fully accept you...heal your broken in the life of a rebellious spouse or child...that He can provide...or that He can work in any other situation that is tearing you apart inside?

I have doubted God in some situations...and not even have known or realized it at the time.

There are many reasons we doubt.

Many doubt God cares. But did you know that God actually bends down from Heaven to hear our prayers, heartaches, concerns, and even our questions?

He's so good! He doesn't have to bend down to hear us, but out of His great love, He willingly chooses to. Did you know that God has collected every tear you've ever cried and written every heartache you've ever experienced in a ledger?

God truly cares about each and every heartache and heartfelt question or request we have. He cares about each of us and every situation we face...past, present, and future.

If you feel stale in your relationship with God, doubt may be the culprit.

Do you wonder how God handles doubters? In scripture, God shows a loving example of mercy to the most famous doubter, Thomas.

Today, truly think about and label your doubt. Ask God to reveal any doubt(s) you hold in your heart. Be completely honest and transparent. The answer(s) revealed just might surprise you.

Choose today, like Thomas, to take your doubts to God and place your doubts in His hands. He already knows what is in your heart so be honest. The reward truly is a closer relationship with Him!