Living In The Middle East—Stop And Listen

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Your Time

The soundtrack of our working days are often very upbeat in rhythm and filled with the many sounds of life. It’s good to slow the beat down and find times of worship to reflect on the promises that He has spoken. The promises of God take us off a road marked with distress, disappointment, and destruction. The promise of His Spirit is immeasurable and there is nothing worth more. The resounding of your heart changes its tune and the declaration of your lips becomes full of hope and goodness.

Keep your love for God. Love can be defined as how much we value someone. One of the most valuable currencies today is time. We find his loving-kindness draws us towards himself and brings a peace that surpasses understanding. Jesus’ answer makes so much sense when He was asked out of all the inspired writings of the Holy Spirit which is the most important. Our valuing God actually comes from Him valuing us. We are returning the love that He has poured out into our hearts. Make some time to write down a personal recent testimony.