Living In The Middle East—Stop And Listen

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Your Surrender 

Imagine a typical big city traffic jam: hooting cars, frustrated drivers, and everyone trying to fight their way through. This is how the mind often feels. Thoughts of work, events, family, church, friends, fears, all fighting their way to the forefront of our minds. Over the next few days, we are inviting you to pull over, find a quiet space, and focus on Jesus. Make the decision now. This moment is called surrender. It is recognizing that though God lacks nothing, He has a desire for communion with us. He delights in meeting us where we are. Throughout the Bible, God enters time and comes to earth to commune with his handmade creation. He longs to be found by us. 

David was seeking God in expectation to find Him. For many of us, negative life events or experiences have changed our view of God and our experience of Him. Due to these negative emotions, we tend to often not seek Him to avoid further disappointments or hurt. Our view of God needs to come into line with the Bible as this reveals the true nature of God. He is closer than we may think and is wanting to be found in relationship with us. If we are unsure of what to say, start by telling God that it’s Him you are looking for.