Search & Rescue: A Map For A Warrior's Orientation


Day 8 No Control 

Whoa! Look at that. Like one of those old Rand McNally maps pulled from the glove compartment, unfolded and opened wide, taking up both driver and passenger seats, when did we begin to think we could control all of this? 

This is the landscape, the territory in which we travel and the story we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of; this is where we live! Its time we learn how to live.

This is the Larger Story and their major characters that defines our value and our role; the part only we are uniquely gifted and equipped to play, the who we truly are role. And most glorious of all, this is the story that enables us to see, understand and experience the good that God is up to in our lives- growing us, training us, loving us into more!

This map also gives us critical insight that we need to face that which opposes us. The unholy trinity (Satan, the world and the flesh) is in the story too, at least for now. They ought not be underestimated. It won’t always be this way, but for now we will certainly be lost if we live naïve, ignorant and underestimate our enemy. 

When we live lost, we settle for a lesser life, a part far too small. And we are subject to the frustration that results in drinking too much, eating too much, sleeping too much, working too much, complaining too much and judging others far too much. But once we get our bearings, become oriented, then we are able to do what we were created to do… love. Be loved by God, love God back and help others experience the same. 

There is quite a lot going on in the Two Realms and Two Kingdoms. Kind of overwhelming, and that it should be!