Search & Rescue: A Map For A Warrior's Orientation

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Day 7: Our New Kingdom

The Bible speaks of light and darkness as a constant reality, and we are invited to choose whether to live in spiritual darkness or light. Is it any wonder that the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of the Son are synonymous? They’re like Graceland and Memphis, The City that Never Sleeps and New York, Tinsel Town and Los Angeles. 

The scriptures link together Light and the Son. Jesus said:

I am the light of the world (John 8:12)


I have come into the world as a light (John 12:46). 

Do you see the connection? By light we see, and Jesus is the Light.

What we see can be an invitation or a confirmation. We’ve all heard the expression, hindsight is 20/20. It is the present that so often sheds light on the past. This holds true in the offer of the Larger Gospel. Like the old hymn says, I once was blind but now I see

Cataracts or blindness aren’t just physical realm issues. When we don’t see well, or at all, the odds of getting lost increase exponentially. The Great King, Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom offer us a life we can’t conjure up, arrange for or make happen on our own. All the needs we have in life and for life have an Author and Creator whose supply store is always open. Wait, I’ll do you one better— His heart is always open to supplying all we need. Our currency is belief. What we believe matters. The Great King invites, even pleads, believe in me and I will set you free!

Freedom is the call of our King and what Jesus' Kingdom is all about... 

Light over Darkness

Love over Hate

Good over Evil

Freedom over Bondage!