Search & Rescue: A Map For A Warrior's Orientation

Day 2 of 10 • This day’s reading


DAY 2: Two Realms and The Realm that Matters Most 

We live in the great intersection of the Two Realms. It is where day to day life takes place whether we recognize it or not. Like children who see the borders of their world as where they currently exist, paying no mind or attention to other countries much less houses a few blocks from their own homes, it is critical that we mature into what the Larger landscape is and how it works. 

There is the lesser realm; the physical realm, and the greater realm; the Spiritual Realm—the realm that matters most.

As we live within the grand and dangerous intersection of the Two Realms, actually seeing it is the trick. A type of eye surgery is needed and it is one that only God can perform. What once was unknown, fuzzy or unclear can become 20/20. Ask Him… ask Jesus for the eyes to see the Larger Story all around you. You are in it now as you read this devotional. You’ve been in it your whole life! And you already are playing a larger part than you realize, but if you are naïve or ignorant, then it isn’t the part you were meant to play…more on that in the days to come. 

Oh yes, the physical realm is important, but there is so much more going on in the Spiritual Realm—and it is the Spiritual realm that is greater and the realm in which we are meant to interpret the physical. The Spiritual Realm is the realm that matters most because it has power and sway over the lesser physical realm.

In your time alone with God, pray and ask Him:

Father, give me the eyes to see the Larger Story, the spiritual battle going on around me.

Jesus, where have I been blind/naïve to the Larger Story around me?

Holy Spirit, how has my previous naïvety to this Larger Story affected my view of You? Of others?