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The Best Christmas Ever

When I think about my best childhood Christmas, it centers much more around people than the gifts I received. I was ten and Christmas Eve was at our home every year. I think from the time I was born, there was never any doubt where Christmas Eve would be and that all the family would be there. I was the first grandchild on both sides.  There was something so special when all the people I loved and who loved me were in the same home for Christmas. That Christmas when I was ten, my favorite great aunt and uncle surprised our family on Christmas Eve. I can still see the joy on my mom’s face when she saw them walk in. It was such a special time.

As I look back over the years of our marriage, a lot of Christmases stand out. Our firsts were all special. The first ever in our apartment, the first in our first house, the first with our son and then our daughter, firsts with a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law, and the firsts with each grandchild. Each has been special in its own way.

Nancy and I have tried from year one to make Christmas be about Jesus first. Some years we have done better than others but it has always been a goal. I think that is the reason that as a couple, we look back at every Christmas as special.  

We made a decision somewhere along the way to not get stuck in the past. We were not going to find a “perfect” Christmas and try to recreate it year after year. That made no sense to us. Besides it would be really frustrating. We made a decision that the best Christmas was going to be the one we were celebrating. Were there years that was more difficult than others? Sure. People we loved that were there one year were gone the next. Then came the year when there were no longer two little kids in their pajamas anxiously waiting at the top of the stairs for the okay to come down on Christmas morning. Life brought changes. Yet, you know what never changed? Jesus. He was there when Nancy and I were kids, then as we grew up and as we started celebrating His birth together. The joy of truly celebrating the birth of our Savior never changes.  

So when you think about what is the best Christmas ever, it’s this one! This is your Awesome Marriage Christmas!

Today’s Challenge: 

Share some of your favorite Christmas memories together. What made them special to you?  

Going Deeper: 

What would it take for you together to put Christ first this Christmas? What is your first step? Will you commit together to make this Christmas the best ever?


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