An Awesome Marriage Christmas

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Most of us grew up with some traditions at Christmas. For me, it was decorating the tree and the house inside and out. It was Christmas Eve at church; family, food and presents. Nancy’s traditions were slightly different but overall included the same things. That first year we were married we somehow decided to make our own traditions. We brought some things forward from our past but wanted to create traditions just for us and our future family. 

Keeping Jesus at the center of it all was something we both agreed on. I wish I could tell you that we had a formula that made it easy but we did not. There are a lot of distractions around Christmas and we found we had to be very intentional to keep Jesus first. Doing devotionals together, attending church weekly and on Christmas Eve  have all helped. The first Christmas we were together, Nancy’s mom gave us a nativity set that has been a part of every Christmas since then. It is such a great visual reminder for us of keeping Him at the center.

Probably our favorite thing together is late Christmas Eve night. It’s just the two of us in front of our Christmas tree in our living room with only the lights of the tree illuminating the room. That time together is very special. Sometimes we talk and sometimes we are silent, reflecting on all God has done for us.  

If you don’t have a tradition for just the two of you, what about starting it this year? It can be whatever you want but the idea is to have something that is special for the two of you and keeps your focus on Him. This is part of an Awesome Marriage Christmas!

Today’s Challenge

Decide together on a new tradition that connects the two of you and focuses on Him.

Going Deeper: 

During December read the story of Jesus’s birth in Matthew and Luke together. It is very familiar to many of us, so read it slowly over a few days in a different translation than you usually read. Ask God to give you new insights into this well-known story and share those with each other.