An Awesome Marriage Christmas

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If part of your goal this year is to have your marriage grow and get better during the Christmas season, then you will probably need to do some things differently than you did in the past. Your first step is setting aside time to talk about this. Then make a list.  Actually, make two lists. On one, write down the things you want to be a part of Christmas for the two of you this year. Maybe you do a reading plan or daily devotional together. You could commit to attending church each weekend in December and also on Christmas Eve. You will want to set aside special times for just the two of you to be together and enjoy the season as a couple. You may want to find ways to serve others and show Jesus’s love in special ways. Make the list yours by adding things that are important to both of you.

Now for that other list. On this list write down every thing that will get in the way of list number one. This is where it gets tough because some of the things that will get in your way could be people and family and things like that. So before you start, I want you to do this. Pray. Both of you pray. Pray for God to give you wisdom as you make this list.  Yes, the goal is to make your marriage better, but be cautious. I’m just saying that before I do anything that affects the people in my life I need to check in with God and so do you.

Now the fun starts. This is where setting boundaries comes in. Boundaries in this instance are just the safeguards you need to put into place to make the things on list number one happen. It may involve saying “no” to an invitation or two. It may mean putting the kids to bed early a few nights so the two of you can be alone in front of your Christmas tree. It may mean a change or two in extended family traditions. The idea is to make as much of list number one happen as you can and when you do you are well on your way to your Awesome Marriage Christmas!

Today’s Challenge

Talk together about what you can do differently this Christmas season as a couple to help your marriage grow.

Going Deeper: 

Are there boundaries you need to set as a couple that will help you do things differently this year? Talk through how those boundaries would look, then take it in prayer to God.  Pray for His wisdom and guidance. Then set your boundaries in place.