Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional For Singles



Why God, why? Have you ever been tempted to ask God this question? One of the most common and hardest question you and I will ask God is this: “Why God, why is this happening to me?” When it comes to our singleness, sooner or later most of us will stop and ask God why. Why haven’t you provided a partner for me, Lord? Why haven’t you answered my prayers? Why am I still waiting? Why won’t you take away my desire to get married? The surest way to fall into self-pity and misery is to keep on asking why. The surest way to keep from thriving is to get stuck in the why. When it comes to God and His ways, there’s another question we should be asking. It is this question: “What, Lord, what?” What would you like me to do with the rest of my life? What are you trying to teach me about who you are in this trial? In Psalm 18:30 David reminds us that our God, His way is perfect. His word proves true. God has a purpose for your life and it doesn’t hinge on your dating status. You’re not plan B. God hasn’t made a mistake in your life. He knows what He’s doing and has a plan for you even in your singleness. If you’re stuck asking the question why, it might be time to turn to the Lord and start asking him what he is trying to accomplish through you even in your singleness. 


Are you asking the Lord why or are you asking him what? Could God have a purpose for you even in your singleness? How does that change your whole attitude about your life?