Hope Beyond Despair: Finding Truth After A Loved One’s Suicide


Disbelief. Horror. Gut-wrenching shock. Trying to make sense of the senseless. There are no answers. Only pain. Loss. Emptiness. Devastation. Wading through the wreckage and debris is confusing and agonizing. 

Many of us know friends or family members who have committed suicide. Five times now I have received the dreadful news that someone in my family took their own life: step-father, mother, step-brother, brother, and cousin—one gunshot to the head, two asphyxiations, one drug overdose, and one hanging. 

Yet there is help. There is hope. This help and hope is found only in Jesus Christ. He alone gives genuine comfort to your inward being. He alone gives healing to your heart. Only Christ can replace anguish and hopelessness with transcendent peace and enduring joy. 

Let’s begin your journey to peace and joy by concentrating on the comfort found in Jesus Christ.