Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken

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A poignant distress. Deep mental anguish. Acute sorrow. Overwhelming sadness. Grief is our natural response to the loss of some person or some thing important to us. We grieve over the loss of loved ones, careers, divorces, moving away from friends and family. Grief is inevitable. At some point in our lives we will experience it whether we like it or not.

I cried a lot during the weeks and months after my husband’s confession. I didn’t know I had that many tears in me. And I learned something amazing through those tears. As I grieved, I healed from the inside out. 

But just because I began to heal, it didn’t mean I didn’t get slammed up against a wall every time grief made it’s way back to me. Grief comes and goes. I learned that I had to give myself permission to cry, to feel the sadness, to carry the weight of the burden. This was my new life, my new normal. I had to push through the pain, or it would be with me until I did. 

Many people don’t deal with their grief adequately. Some ignore it; others sink because of it. Maybe this is where you are now. You are constantly reminded of the betrayal in your marriage and you feel like you’re in an ocean of grief. If that is your situation, I’d like to offer you a bit of God’s truth that will do your weary soul some good. 

When I found myself camping out in the “how will I live again” train of thought, I clung to the hope that Jesus would do what He said He would do...make things new. When the moments crashed in on my and I wondered how trust would ever be restored again, I remembered the words of Jesus...with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. 

Friend, this circumstance you’re in is difficult. It just is. But, you have to endure the pain to get on the other side of it. We can’t just skip out on a season of trial. We have to graduate from it.

Spend some time thinking about how you handle your own grief. Do you deal with it in a healthy way or push it aside? What can you do today to help yourself begin to handle it better?