Conversations With God


The Lord’s voice isn’t often loud. The Holy Spirit frequently whispers. In instances where He gently indicates concern, it is a very good idea to promptly separate ourselves from the potential snare. Equally, when He quietly indicates blessing, we can choose to obey and step into that opportunity by faith. The Lord doesn’t always repeat these unctions, so we must be attentive to His voice and act. 

One mid-summer afternoon, I received a prompting that decisively altered my direction. Several of my children had been attending a small Christian school in our area. A board member, who was also a personal friend, called to ask if I would consider interviewing for a junior high writing instructor’s position for the next school term. 

What an unexpected notion. I remember well the mental weighing and balancing that took place behind my masked phone voice. First came the negatives: I had an art degree. I knew pitifully little about writing curriculums. I hadn’t worked outside my home in years. Teaching classes outside our home would surely upset our stable family routine. This position would mean considerable work—boo! I wouldn’t even know where to begin. And why would I think that I would be hired over more competent teachers interviewing for the position? 

Next came the possibilities: What if this was an opportunity to help compensate tuition? Even a little income would bless the family budget. Even more, I loved to teach and was good at it. An opportunity to teach outside my home could be a welcome challenge—hurray! If God had chosen me for this position, wouldn’t His wisdom and power accompany the assignment? 

In that tangled moment, the Lord spoke. It was as if His hand pressed my shoulder—only once and softly. That was all. He indicated that to interview for this particular job was the path of blessing. 

I was hired within the month. Within two months the Lord had revealed the vision for the coursework. By the third, I was writing curriculum, interacting with students, and surprise—thoroughly enjoying the process. I now know that without this challenge, I wouldn’t have had the skills or confidence to write the book about prayer that followed. Many have been the blessings of this single step of obedience.