Conversations With God


Some of my fondest childhood memories are centered around a sturdy rocker in my Grandmother Easley’s country kitchen. When she accented her kitchen with red, she decided to paint the rocker to match. I spent many a visit seated cross-legged in that chair, rocking and surveying, rocking and listening, rocking and internalizing the kitchen culture with delight. 

I can still see Grandmother, bustling about the cozy room as steam squeezed from beneath the lids of pots on the stovetop, and chicken fried in the electric skillet on the counter, chatting all the while. Being with people energized Grandmother. She loved me, and I knew it, and I loved her with all my heart.

Grandmother Easley has been in Heaven for many years, but the conversations I experienced in that rocker linger and lift me. They are part of my heritage.  

Several years ago my mother gifted me with Grandmother’s red rocker—okay, I begged her for it and she relented! The rocker is the center of my home, a comfy place for books read aloud, catching up with family and friends, and rocking my grandbaby. When I’m not seated there, my heart is inclined to the place—anticipating. 

In the same way that taking my place in the red rocker brought me into delightful fellowship with my grandmother, and seats me near those I love best in my home today, opening the Bible ushers us to the best seat in the house to visit with the Lord for a while. When we are not seated with Him, His expansive heart is inclined toward us—anticipating. 

Jesus desires to draw us into His Word where we begin to fathom the extent of His love for us and how we can love Him back. As we linger with Him, the wisdom of His written revelation—His very thoughts and purposes—are revealed. Those who transparently and whole-heartedly enter the Scriptures cannot remain the same—their worldview is ever infused with His life.  Jesus takes His written words and writes living heritage on our human hearts. And as He does, we are changed from glory to glory.